My philosophy of care is to provide compassion and support to help you achieve your goals. This is accomplished by focusing on what is important to you, where you will be listened to and heard, and for us to share an honest and accurate reflection of your experience.

If you’ve ever felt stuck or lost, or struggle with intense emotions, or have difficulty connecting with them, therapy with me is a powerful way to find yourself again, to restore balance and hope in yourself, and to revive your innate capacity for resilience and joy.

Our bodies are integral to the healing process and that’s where Somatic Therapy makes the difference. If you’ve ever wanted to believe something about yourself but had a hard time feeling it as true, Somatics will help. Somatics moves beyond talk and gets you into your body, where you can move, grow, and express yourself a in way that transcends thinking by integrating your mind and body as one. You don’t have to make the change you want to be alone, I’m here to help.